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Dear Friends, for nearly two decades, Klarity has been providing our clients with audio duplication and replication service. As time has gone on, we have added additional services. We can provide graphic design for any item a musician might need. Our sound engineer can provide mastering service to meet minor needs like just checking technical issues to making sure a master is ready for replication to very complex post mix issues like removing an incorrect note or phrase and replacing it. We have even created support services such as web site design and e-commerce services like http://www.klaritymusic.com to help our clients sell their products. Our services have grown as our clients needs have grown and whether our client is from Herman's Hermits, The Monkees, Collective Soul, or is a local band from "Any Location, USA", The goal here is to help your project look and sound it's very best! We take the quality of our work very seriously. At Klarity, we make you one simple promise, "If it's wrong and It's our fault, we'll make it right." We know how hard you have worked to produce your project. We want you to know, if you trust your project to Klarity:

Call now! 1-888-387-8273 or drop by and visit us if you are in beautiful Maine.

Sincerely, Gary Coull, President

PS Our new special is a package that includes Recording, Mixing, Mastering and Manufacturing. Walk in with your instruments, walk out with your brand new finished DEMO OR CD.    SEE OUR SPECIALS PAGE.



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